Friday, October 8, 2010

Life is always a Choice

It seems forever since I wrote my first blog.  I tackled it with much trepidation and fear mingled in with the excitement of birthing something new and exciting in my life.  A new path of creativity!  Who me?  Yes, me!  Who knew?  Certainly not I, that I could even be remotely capable of writing anything  that may be of interest to anyone else.

And yet it was written, and then something happened.  I lost my balls!!  Yes, balls!  Where does that expression come from I wonder!! I physically wasn't born with them, and I don't very often play with them and yet they were lost!  In other words my dutch courage in stepping out into the world of creativity and being seen!  The Shadow Self appeared and did a number on me with the self-sabotage............yet again!  Tonight I feel brave enough to step out again and see where it leads me.  So thank you for your patience, kindness and compassion if you are reading this as I gently tread the keyboard back into action and watch the mysteriousness of words that transform as I tap away.

I learned to type when I was 14 years old, on some ancient Imperial typewriter.  They were heavy machines designed to require your fingers to tap each key with the weight of a heavyweight potato.  I learned to type very well though.  So much so, that my fingers used to type in my sleep.  My husband would often ask what was I typing in the night and who too!  Perhaps that was the equivalent of grinding my teeth, which people do due to stress.  At least what I typed was invisible to those who might have needed to hear it!! and saved my teeth in the meantime.

So life is always a choice? Yes.  Always a choice in how we react or let go.  On the weekends I work for a Spa as a massage therapist.  During the summer it was nice to take a break and go sit outside.  The area must have been surrounded in nature at one time, but is now the creation of the concrete jungle makers with the parking lots and breeze block buildings. As I sat on the little picnic bench enjoying my late breakfast I was aware of the beautiful Pine tree offering me shade from the brilliant blue skies.  To my left was the harshness of the buildings and concrete and to my right was the remains of a few trees and plants, some of which were herbs.  In this little bit of "forest" the animals came one by one to say "Hello."  The squirrel, a rabbit, a chipmunk, a pair of yellow finches.  It was all rather serene as nature usually is.  Behind me was the trash dumpster and I realised that metaphorically the "trash was behind me."

Two people came by, who must do this for a living, as they are here regularly, and they had a broom and dustpan each and they were sweeping and picking up bits of rubbish from the road and kerb.  Their tools were the ones with long handles so they didn't have to bend over but could save their backs and remain upright.  I also realised that the more you clean up your rubbish with the right tools, the easier it becomes and there is less of it.

So always a choice and I'm finding life a whole lot of fun by becoming aware, not always, but more than I used to, of the bigger picture all around us and how the Universe is always trying to get our attention and help us grow and learn.

For those who live in Michigan, I'm holding my last workshop for the year next Saturday 16th.  They're always a lot of fun and each one unfolds as they need to with everyone receiving something that they need at this time in their lives. Hope to see you there.

Self-Care Workshop

When       Saturday 16th October
Time         9.30am to 5pm
Location   Farmington, MI

With joyful Blessings

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Beginnings for Women

Whoohoo! My first ever Blog, and it seems to want to be written in the wee early hours of the morning.  How weirdly wonderful and exciting that energy has it's own flow of momentum at the strangest of times.

The seeds for this blog were planted back in February, and today it looks like blooming into full existance.  The desire to write and share with others is slowly but surely taking a peek into the sunlight and expanding into full growth. To fully embrace one's own creativity is not something that was in my vocabularly, but I'm surely having lots of fun in the realization that I, surprise, surprise, do have hidden talents, and as yet, untapped creative talents.

And so the keyboard has become my new best friend!  Little did I know that when I first learned to type at the age of 14 years, over 40 years ago (oh, my god!!!), on that old Imperial typewriter, that my fingers would get so much exercise and play such a huge part if sharing my world.  Not only that, my fingers continue to type even when I'm asleep (how weird is that?).  I guess I was born to write (type).

So, as I embark on a new journey of discovery about self, and self-realization is what it's all about, I'm drawn to share with other women of similar middle age years, my own experiences of growth and enlightenment.  I can honestly say that I'm truly excited to be the "older woman" now, and feel I have waited my entire life to get here, and it feels pretty darn good!  I've somehow survived all those traumas, ups and downs, highs and lows of marriage, raising 5 children, moving homes and countries and managed, along the way to find my way home to who I really am, and still discovering and uncovering more deliciousness about myself!

Now, if like me, or rather was, you are asking yourself questions, such as "Who am I," "Why am I here," "What's my purpose," "I haven't got a clue who I am and what I'm doing," then my workshop on Saturday 19th June, in Farmington, MI would be perfect for you.

Are you feeling stuck?  Are you looking for direction?  Would you like support in your self-discovery journey?  Are you sensitive and constantly drained and tired?

If any of these questions resonate with you, come join me and other like-minded women on Saturday 19th June, Farmington, MI.  Our workshop is 9.30a.m to 5 p.m. and all you have to do is show up (after you have called to reserve a seat) with a willingness to have fun, and know that you will be supported in your self-discovery journey.  It's always an Inside Job, but we all deserve a little help along the way.  Will you allow yourself to receive this weekend?

Self-Care Workshop

When       Saturday 19th June
Time         9.30 to 5
Location   Farmington, MI

With Joyful Blessings